Catherine Marenghi recording "GLAD FARM" at CA&M studio.

by Catherine Marenghi


MedPEP, the Medical Professionals Empowerment Program, is a podcast series created and sponsored by Physician Health Services (PHS), a charitable organization dedicated to improving the health, well-being and effectiveness of physicians and medical students.  Regulations, technology, organizational complexity, and the explosion of medical knowledge have created a perfect storm for most practicing health professionals.  Physician burnout rates now exceed 50%.

MedPEP’s star, Dr. Marie Curious, is a young, primary care internist who has started to fantasize about leaving the profession that she loves.  On her MedPEP journey, Marie joins Dr. Les Schwab and a group of specialized physicians, coaches, and other experts, who offer a broad range of practical techniques to help her survive and thrive in today’s tough medical environment.   The territory they cover includes nutrition, exercise, getting along with difficult colleagues, dealing with bureaucracy and bosses, multi-tasking, system improvement, meditation, and addiction.  The MedPEP journey helps Marie, and other health professionals facing similar challenges, gain insight into practical methods for empowering themselves as well as their teams, employers, and the broken system. 

directed by Paula S. Apsell and Kirk Wolfinger

edited by Rob Kirwan

music by Ed Grenga

music consultant- Douglas Stevene

Premiered April 19, 2017 on NOVA


The American Kennel ClubandPowderhouse Productionsproduced a series of short videos describing the physical traits and behavior of 20 select breeds. The videos will educate dog lovers and families and help them decide which breed is best for them.

Here is a link to the Boston Terrier.

Visit the AKC website at to view more of the videos. Joel Olicker wrote and produced the videos, Douglas Stevens provided the sound design and mix, and Chris Vallencourt is the VO.

The select breeds produced are Doberman, Yorkshire Terrier, Beagle, Boston Terrier, Great Dane, Chihuahua, Boxer, Brittany, Cocker Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel, Miniature Schnauzer,
Havanese, Mastiff, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Bernese Mountain Dog, Shih Tzu, Bulldog, Siberian Husky, and Shetland Sheepdog.

produced + directed by Harvey Bravman

co-produced + edited by Rob Kirwan

associate editor- Danielle Myers

sound design, repair + mix by Douglas Stevens

music theme by Ed Grenga


Carinal Days: A Coming Of Age Memoir 

is available at  and

Taymullah Abdur-Rahman  with WBUR host, Anthony Brooks


Check out a great new book, GLAD FARM: A Memoir that I recorded with the author, Catherine Marenghi for Audible! 

Catherine bares her personal account of growing up in a one room farmhouse with no plumbing. Her American story of renewal and reinvention is rich with imagery as seen through the eyes of a studious, little red-haired girl who keeps her family life hidden from her schoolmates. 

Driven, she emerges from poverty to become a successful journalist, able to buy her family a decent house.

But it doesn't end there.

Long, buried family secrets surface over time and she learns how her family was coldly betrayed and uncovers the truth behind her parents long kept silent history.

You witness life through each subtle emotion and feeling in every chapter.

GLAD FARM: A Memoir available at and


A Coming-Of-Age Memoir

visit the program website-


Soul Witness, The Brookline Holocaust Witness Project 

is a work-in-progress documentary written, directed and produced by R. Harvey Bravman. The film is based on over 80 hours of interviews of local survivors conducted by Lawrence Langer, one of the world's foremost authorities on Holocaust testimonies. The tapes ended up in a metal closet for over 25 years. The film contains some of the most epic and noble thoughts seen on screen. Besides bringing attention to genocide and the Holocaust; the film is about racism, intolerance, as well as the refugee and immigrant experience.
​The film sold out the Coolidge Corner Theater twice and is being screened in limited release throughout New England.​

see trailer here-




GLAD FARM: A Memoir​​


article Boston Globe August 5, 2016 by Sophie Haigney


Sound Design and Mix

Check out another great book, Cardinal Days: A Coming-Of-Age Memoir, that I recorded with the author, Susan Eyre Coppock for Audible.

A bittersweet portrait and survival story of a young girl growing up in NYC and her relationship with her mother, a beautiful actress who was neither loving nor maternal.

Like all good survivors, Susan seeks out and finds substitutes in other women who filled the role of mother in her life.

For centuries, the Lithuanian city of Vilna was one of the most important Jewish centers in the world, earning the title “Jerusalem of the North” until World War II, when the Nazis murdered about 95% of its Jewish population and reduced its synagogues and cultural institutions to ruins. The Soviets finished the job, paving over the remnants of Vilna’s famous Great Synagogue so thoroughly that few today know it ever existed. Now, an international team of archaeologists is trying to rediscover this forgotten world, excavating the remains of its Great Synagogue and searching for proof of one of Vilna’s greatest secrets: a lost escape tunnel dug by Jewish prisoners inside a horrific Nazi execution site.

The Medical Professionals Empowerment Program

by Susan Eyre Coppock


Taymullah Abdur-Rahman has lived a fascinating life. He grew up in Boston, and learned first hand about the challenges of life on the streets. He also became lead singer in a major pop band.

More recently, he was the Muslim Chaplain at Harvard University, and is now the Muslim Imam for the Massachusetts Department of Corrections.

Abdur-Rahman is also host of the podcast "Exconversations," which features conversations with ex-offenders who are out of prison and trying to restart their lives.

What happens when your life comes to a screeching halt?

Second Start is a podcast that explores how people face monumental change, overcome obstacles, and restart midlife. Hosted by Joel Olicker.

For 20 years, Joel built and nurtured a successful TV production company. A healthy, home-owning family man in a happy marriage and career, he felt fulfilled. Then, the television industry changed, leaving him, and his company, out of work. Ensuing debt, stress, and health issues left Joel forced to confront big questions of change. But, he knew he wasn’t alone.

Americans in their midlife are experiencing discontent like never before. Second Start explores fascinating moments of difficult change in the lives of mature adults, with host and producer Joel Olicker narrating his own experience charting a new path forward in real time, and interviewing others confronting the big question of “What now?”