​​​​​​​​​creative audio & music  is a full service, Boston-based audio production resource led by veteran music, radio, and podcast producer Douglas Stevens, who combines his creativity and experience to deliver a product that draws in, engages, informs, and entertains audiences.

CA&M creates and produces audio and music for presentations, broadcast, and the internet.

• radio, podcasts, and internet programming

​​• audiobooks (our specialty is books read by the author)  

​• audio and sound design for animation, short films, and sizzle reels

​• television/video audio post, sound design, mixing

​• music production

​​• music supervision

​​• audio repair

Podcast? CA&M can work with you to- 
• develop your program concept
• organize a production schedule 
• help manage, write, produce, edit, and deliver your special program or your regularly scheduled audio event
• record key voices, guest interviews or testimonials on location, over the telephone, via skype, FaceTime, the internet, or in-studio.
• recruit, cast, and manage professional voice talent, writers, composers, comics, and actors   
• integrate music, sfx, and ambient sound to bring your story alive

Your recording may be heard in a car or train, on a computer, a tablet or other mobile device, or even on headphones at the gym. So it's important you tell a compelling story with high quality sound.

Your message will be more satisfying, impactful, and engaging in any medium.

we like to work

​studio 617.284.2900 

mobile 617.666.1200 

To learn more, contact Douglas at red@creativeaudioandmusic.com
studio 617.284.2900 mobile 617.666.1200 
2 Brighton Street, Belmont, MA 02478